Review of Economic Analysis

The Review of Economic Analysis (REA) is the official journal of the International Centre for Economic Analysis (ICEA).

It is an open access, general interest digital economic journal with a mission to maintain the highest academic standards.

The journal is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Aid to Scholarly Journal Grant 651-2018-0006  and is published by the International Centre for Economic Analysis.


Latest issue: 2021 (13), Issue 2


Cultural Assimilation: Learning and Sorting

Stein Monteiro115-156

Factors that affect Students’ performance in Science: An application using Gini-BMA methodology in PISA 2015 dataset

Anastasia Dimiski157-211

Import Tariffs and Informal Labour Market: A Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Analysis for Turkey

Hale Akbulut, Hüseyin Taylan Eğen213-234

Necessity and Opportunity Entrepreneurship in Canada

Florence Neymotin235-251


Secular stagnation and Google Trends – can we find out what people think?

Katarzyna Schmidt, Mateusz Gajtkowski

A Pure Bureaucratic-Entrepreneurial Theory of Deposit Insurance Adoption

Kam Hon Chu

Structural Funds and Regional Economic Growth: the Greek experience

Adamantia Kehagia, Foteini Kyriazi

Real Estate Bubbles and Contagion: Evidence from Selected European Countries

Jean-Louis Bago, Imad Rherrad, Koffi Akakpo, Ernest Ouédraogo

Productivity Convergence and Divergence in Latin America, 1970-2014

Christos Kollias, Panayiotis Tzeremes, Nickolaos G. Tzeremes

Stock Market Investment and Inflation: Evidence from the United States and Canada

Janesh Sami

Can foreign ownership reduce bank risk? Evidence from Vietnam

Tu DQ Le

Do distributional preferences reverse on a dollar? An experiment

Marlon Williams